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Belliard Medical Center

Your health first

Our Doctors

Nurse Making Notes

General practitioner

Dr. Jie Lin

Dr. Zhecong Lin
Dr Kelly Hourmont

Massage du dos


Master Michèle Ceragioli


Take control of your life
Doctor Life coach

Dr Dagmar Deboeck

Ponction echoguidé.jpg

Joint infiltration and puncture under ultrasound guidance

General-Vascular Ultrasound

Dr. Emmanuel Fouarge



Rue Belliard 201, 1040 Etterbeek, Belgium

Traffic situation around the Schuman roundabout

Exits from metro stations and certain streets may be blocked during the European summit.

Parking advice 

It's easier to find a parking space in the streets perpendicular to rue Belliard: e.g. Rue Breydel , Rue Dekens etc.

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