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Take back control of your life

Dr Dagmar Deboeck

Doctor – Life Coach

“Health is the ability to adapt and to self-manage, in the face of social, physical and emotional challenges.” (Machteld Huber, iPH)


Studies and degrees :

University of Essen (Germany) : Medical Doctor (D) 2001

VUBrussel: General Practitioner (BE) 2011

WISL: Life-Coach: 2022



2001-2003: Geriatrics, Internal Medicine (Elisabethkrankenhaus Essen, Germany)

2004-2005: Surgery, (Medizinisches Zentrum Kreis Aachen, Germany)

2009-2021: General Medicine, Medikuregem Medical House, Anderlecht

Since 7/2022: Doctor – life coach at the Jaspis group practice in Dilbeek.


Additional training and skills:

Communication psychology, Mindfulness, Stress and burnout, Intrafamilial conflicts, Psychological disorders, Lifestyle medicine, Intellectual giftedness and High sensitivity (HSP).

My approach is based on “Motivational Interviewing (MI)” by Miller and Rollnick, “Non-violent communication (NVC)” by Marshall Rosenberg and “Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT)” by de Shazer and Kim Berg.



I work as a doctor – life-/ health coach to provide supportive guidance for people facing mental and/ or physical (health) problems or other difficult challenges in their lives.

As our lifestyle plays an important role in our health and well-being, I also apply lifestyle medicine to help evolve towards a healthier lifestyle.

Consultation mode: 60min sessions.

Price: €90 (2024)

Languages: French, German (mother tongue), English, Dutch, some Spanish

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